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Looking for a different approach?

Creativity Coaching

  • Finding the same approach just isn't working?
  • Want to try new ways of getting a different perspective?
  • Willing to try something new?

We like to do things differently. Because when we do things differently, we get different results.

The world is changing so quickly, we need to work differently to keep one step ahead.

Whether you are looking to develop yourself, your team or your organisation, we can help you to develop a new approach that will dramatically change how you approach things in the future.

Previous work has included using the following creative resources:

  • Coloured pens, wax crayons, watercolour pencils
  • Watercolour paints, acrylic paints, oil paints
  • Play doh, modelling clay, plasticine, modelling wax
  • Storyboarding
  • Mask making
  • Fabric, wool, string
  • Newspapers, magazines, stickers
  • Candles, singing bowl
  • Gentle stretching, body awareness, body language interpretation skills
  • Blind folds, costumes
  • Giant games

Get in touch to discuss what will work best for you.

We have over 350 different resources, reference materials, tasks, tools, hints, tips and approaches to help you get a different perspective!