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We focus on you

The way we work is intensively people-focused. This means we pay careful attention to the individual values, needs and concerns of our clients.

We Directors are all as comfortable with staff and volunteers, as we are with the members of Trusts, Boards of Directors and CEOS, which gives us a very effective platform for communication at all levels of any organisation. You will find us always behaving with integrity, honesty and respect, with full understanding of equality, diversity and potential of everyone we meet.

More broadly, and as you’d expect, we believe in the potential of everyone to be more, learn more and achieve more in their professional life. Our understanding is that learning is lifelong. 

Since change is inevitable, high speed and usually demanding, the imperative for success is for our people to take up a curious, enquiring and willing stance in life, which will bring many more benefits than holding limiting beliefs and a smaller view of what is possible.  Our coaching, leadership and skills training programmes models that attitude, reflects that understanding and encourages it in our clients.

Additionally, we are all convinced that society is not divided into work vs home, public vs private, charity and voluntary vs everything else. Our view is holistic and we believe that true partnership is both possible and much more effective in bringing about a just, fair and supportive society. All the Directors have had experience in the corporate world as well as the public and voluntary sectors, and all want to now give something back to our society. This CIC company is the result.

In partnership with the corporate world and working with the new awareness of Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) we show how each sector can both teach and learn from each other, to mutual benefit. 

We reinvest all our profit in supporting the Third Sector in this aim, through creating subsidised places on leadership and coaching programmes. This is where we are different from the usual leadership and personal development training organisation.